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Thad Beckman: Cool Stuff I'm Doing

NEW CD - September 5, 2013

Just off a nice tour through Colorado and New Mexico with Tom Russell.  Head back into the studio this weekend to continue work on my new CD Born in Smoke (working title).   Rhythm tracks are recorded and I am now doing the overdubs.  Exciting stuff.  CD will come out in early 2014.  

Life Goes On - August 2, 2013

Just returned from a fantastic two month tour in Europe - started in Norway with The Great Tom Russell.  We did one show in Halden, Norway and then three shows in Sweden after which Tom went back to Switzerland.  I continued on doing solo shows in Holland, Belgium, Germany and Austria.  Joined back up with Tom in Ireland to do 12 dates there and the UK.  Ended the tour with a solo show in London at The Apple Tree.  Made new friends and fans, ate a lot of good food and basically had a ball.

Coming up for the rest of the Summer I have a smattering of solo shows and short tours with Tom.  Check out the calendar for dates.

I'll be back in the studio in August working on my next CD, Born in Smoke, a collections of original songs that I've written over the last two years.  I'm excited about this project.  Got some great musicians joining me.

Stay tuned.......

Summer 2013 European Tour - May 14, 2013

I'll be starting a two month European tour on June 5th.  The first week I'll spend playing guitar for one of Americas finest songwriters Tom Russell.  Then I'll be off on my own for 5 weeks doing solo shows in Sweden, Holland, Germany, Belgium and Austria.  Then I reconnect with Tom in Dublin on July 12 to finish out the tour in Ireland and the UK.  My last show is in London and I'll be doing a solo performance and sharing the evening with wonderful Tony Poole.  Check out my calendar.   

NEW CD - May 14, 2013

When The Sun Goes Down will be available at all live shows starting May 17.  

Upcoming Tours - April 25, 2013

On May 4 I will start on tour with the great Tom Russell www.tomrussell.comin California and ending up in the NE - See calendar for dates.  Then on June 3rd I'll be heading over the pond to Europe for two months of shows.  3 weeks with Tom and 5 weeks doing solo shows in Sweden, Holland, Germany, Austria, Belgium and the UK/Ireland.  

NEW CD - April 25, 2013

When The Sun Goes Down - Thad Beckman and Danny Montgomery - Distinguishing Marks Music LLC is now available on CD Baby downloads, itunes and Amazon.  My good friend and drummer extraordinaire and I have recorded a selection of my tunes plus some great old blues tunes from the likes of Son House, Leroy Carr and Robert Johnson.  We even did a Bob Dylan tune.  And that's right, just drums, guitar and voice.  Check out CDBaby, iTunes and/or for details.  

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